The Best Robot Vacuum for Your Smart Home: 2017 Edition

If you're fantasizing the idea of a robot vacuum, however have actually been put off a little by the rate of some of the much more "established versions" as well as searching for good choice - opportunities are, because you are right here - you have actually stumbled upon this other, the ANker RobotVac 10 that sides on the less costly end.

The RobotVac 10 is really a rather brand-new version so you won't see lots of evaluations around since yet, so with any luck this can go someway into aiding you to choose whether to earn the dive or not. Nonetheless, if you desire just questioning whether it's worth the 200 bucks for a good robot vacuum cleaner, after that my brief response is of course.


  • Insanely Lengthy Battery Life (compared to other robot vacuums).
  • Exceptional cleaning performance (on almost all floor types).
  • An instead pleasant surface to it (difficult to maintain by doing this though).
  • Incredible value for loan!


  • A little harsh navigation (it's creative by all means - it won't fall of the stairways, yet does have the tendency to be a little on the hostile side).
  • Locate the remote control to be a little hit and miss.
  • Could have performed with a couple of even more accessories (however, for the cost, wasn't actually anticipating a lot more).
  • Those that after the juicy details, let's get stuck in!
  • Now, I have actually reached admit I have not really heard of Anker prior to, as well as have really been recently eyeing up a Roomba 880 over the brand new 860, yet this little point has certain turned my head.

In the beginning though, with a $200 price, it type of just found like a "aspirant" Roomba but without the expense, an inexpensively made - in all pretty crappy vacuum - that wouldn't clean my carpet and also would certainly be running out of battery life every 10 minutes, eventually going back to my new Dyson V8 Outright - and also I'm more than fed to say that just the reverse has actually held true.

From the packaging to the way it really feels, you recognize you get that feeling when something is strong and has been built to last - provided the beautiful awesome 18 month service warranty on it, it's not that unusual actually (Note: the pictures do not really do it justice just how neat it looks). Plus, I haven't gotten in touch with Anker yet (hopefully I won't ever really require to), yet the customer service is implied to be second to none - to make sure that's a large tick in my book.

Who is Anker?

This is their launching robotic vacuum, they have in fact been in the electronic devices business for some time now dealing chargers and the like (leading with "market leading technology'), and also from just what I can gather have constructed themselves a severe little bit of cred - and also before checking out this little hoover, I had not been totally persuaded - currently nonetheless, I'm thinking it may make a great little vacuum cleaner for upstairs as well as maintain the Roomba downstairs.

Cleansing Device.

It's created to be "effort complimentary so it is essentially the situation of striking a switch and after that stand back as well as it will do it's thing.
Robot vacuum aficionados and enslavers will love these upgraded features. Hopefully it translates to a cleaner house.  The method it actually cleanses is via a little "3 factor cleaning system" (which seems to show up quite a whole lot in the robotic vacuum cleaner cleansing globe as with the Roomba vacuums as well), it resolves making use of i) dual side brushes that turn in contrary directions, along with ii) a sturdy rolling brush in order to help ensure the debris is loosened up to attend to the iii) powerful suction.

Just what I'm fairly stunned regarding, is simply "just how well" this point draws.

You will certainly tend to see that rather fine pieces of dust as well as bits gets thrown about a little bit, due to the fact that this thing is a little on the robust side of robot hoover - but oh young boy does it do a fine task of cleaning basically any flooring kind you allow it encounter.

In the future I'm mosting likely to do a little test as well as compare the degree of suction and also ended up efficiency with my brand-new Dyson V8 I imply, at the very least to the naked eye, regarding I could inform in fact much difference in between that and also the Roomba 880 in all fairness. Provided, I haven't conducted a scientific experiment determining just how little a bits it's grabbing - yet on the face of things it looks truly rather excellent.

Tough and also Soft Floors.

You get a few cleansing alternatives to choose from also, so you could make the most out of it. If you are utilizing it on soft floor covering with a low pile, you could change it to that setup which I assume it just elevates the degree of the vacuum cleaner brush bar and then when you set it for hard floor covering such as wood floorings as well as laminate, it will certainly lower itself to record a lot more.
There are already more robot vacuum cleaners in people's homes than many species of intelligent animals boast in absolute numbers.  Given, it does not do it immediately (changing the degree) like on a few of the Roomba vacuum cleaners however again it's the disagreement of whether you intend to pay for the 'extra' bells as well as whistles.

That stated, just what it does state is that's not suited for high pile carpeting (it deals with one of my tool pile rugs rather well) but I haven't had a high heap one to evaluate it out on (note: I did find one more review, that claimed it is pretty much beside worthless on anything more than 1" and also is like being "left stranded in the center of the abyss") which isn't really fantastic on very "dark colored floorings" either.

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